Groups at New Life!

Groups are the "engine" at New Life, driving us forward in Spirit-filled relationships and learning opportunities. There are four kinds of groups at New Life.

Study Groups

a.  A Mixed bible study (men and women) meeting Sundays at 11:30am. at the church.

b.  Two mixed bible studies meeting Wednesday nights at 7pm at the church.

c.  A Women’s bible study meeting Friday at 10am at the church.

d.  A Women’s bible study meeting Saturdays at 8:30am at the church.

e.  A mens study meets on Saturdays at 8:30am at the church.

f.  Other home groups will meet as scheduled. Please check the Sunday bulletin for updates.

Support Groups

a. Griefshare is for those who are struggling with the loss of a loved one.

b. Cancer Care  is for those who are battling cancer, and is available for their caregivers as well.

Support groups are scheduled periodically throughout the year. For more information please email:

Service Groups

Service Groups are the ministry teams of our church. This is for those who seek to serve God and His church through their spiritual gifts and abilities. Examples might include our worship team, building trustees, or a mission team to the Dominican Republic. To learn more please contact “Ministry Central” at

Social Groups

Social groups are intended to build friendships in our church through special fellowship events that are planned throughout the year. These may be multi-generational, or they will bring people together who represent a certain age range or “lifestage”. They are intended to be fun and may occur in alternative  settings such as homes, restaurants, parks, etc. There’s a place for you at New Life!

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